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Dance About is a prerecorded video learning experience that gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from a structured dance class at home!
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Our program is specifically designed for children 3 years old and up.  It is divided up into 16 classes - one class per week -  with a new theme every 4 weeks!  This allows your child to learn at their own pace.   

Each lesson within a theme builds on the previous week and culminates in a short combination.  With each theme, your child will expand their love and knowledge of dance.

Included with your dance about instructional videos is a box of props to use for each week's lesson as well as an activity coloring book and sticker sheet to track your dancer's progress.

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  • What should my child wear?
    Comfortable clothing your child can move in is the best for dancing about!
  • What kind of dance will my child be doing?
    Your child will enjoy interactive creative movement and musicality while learning basic dance technique!
  • I have more than one child. Can they all participate in Dance About?
    Yes! Dance About lessons are rooted in dance technique with creative movement infused into the learning concepts and are appropriate for all age groups. Extra props bags are available for households with multiple dancers!
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